answers to questions about life with kids
You don't have to go it alone.
Mary Jo Corcoran has worked with parents for the past 20 years and has created a powerful parenting program that will help you make the changes to create more cooperation, connection, mutual respect and fun in your family.

"Mary Jo brings a ton of energy,

experience and wisdom to parent

coaching. Her ability to focus on what is

really needed and to provide insight and

answers make her an invaluable

support for any parent."


Tim Jordan, M.D.

Behavioral Pediatrician

The Power of Family Meetings

This workshop will focus on "family meetings" and how they can provide a foundation for communication in your family. Family meetings are one powerful way to communicate clearly, be respectful and build strong relationships. Learn the key ingredients of a family meeting and how it can have a positive effect on your family.

Who would try coaching?

Anyone! If you want things different and are ready to take action. Coaching is a positive way to address everyday issues and get results.

Helping Your Child Deal with Disappointment

Parents want their child to be "happy." This session deals with how important disappointment is in a child's life and how it could serve them later in life. Learn techniques that will help you deal with the tough times!

How Much is Too Much?

This session will explore how to set limits and keep them. Are we over protecting, over indulging to the point that we question; who's in charge?  Sometimes we have to re-establish limits in order to move forward.  Learn specific ways to establish boundaries in your home.